Carrington’s World is Nominated for an Ignatz Award!

Well, bust my buttons! My mini comic Carrington’s World is nominated for a dang Ignatz Award for best Mini Comic! I guess this means I’m going to have to reprint it and actually go to SPX in September! I’m taking a break from social media right now for mental health reasons, so I was late to find out. Actually, it was so nice to hear about it from a friend than a tweet!

It’s my first Ignatz nomination and even though my experience as a juror back in 2016 taught me that being nominated, while an honor, is also a miracle (considering the sheer volume of submissions and the anonymous system of ranking and voting among the jury members), I always hoped I would get a nomination. I am so pleased that something made it through the meat grinder of that process. Thank you to the Ignatz jurors!! I hope you still like comics after that giant job!! If not, Comics still likes you and will wait for your recovery and return!

This mini was something I threw together last spring when I thought I was going to go to MoCCA, but didn’t. I’ve always wanted to make a mini about the artist Dora Carrington and now I have and now I get to be nominated for something that is like an Oscar to me! Well, there you go!

If you’re going to be at SPX on Saturday, September 17th, you can vote for me while you are there or any of the other amazing cartoonists nominated (seriously, what a list!!!!!). CORRECTION: I just found out that they will not be doing on-site voting this year, so if you want to vote you can! All you have to do is request a ballot here! If you’ve read the comic please consider voting for me! Thank you!



Look what the mailman dropped off today! I keep running around the house saying: “It’s real! It’s happening! My book is alive!”

I’ve been looking at this book on a screen for 9 months. I planned it to be seen in book form–made the art inside so it would splash and spread and be a world you entered and today was the first time I’ve seen it in its intended form. It made my knees knock!

Now I can’t wait to share it with you all!  I’ll have it with me this weekend at SPX (Hurricane Florence try and STOP ME!).

Can’t make it to SPX? No worries! I will have signed copies in my shop next week AND you can also pre-order it here!

Hope to see you at Table M11B!

Saturday, September 15 & Sunday, September 16th

Small Press Expo

Marriott Bethesda North Hotel & Conference Center
5701 Marinelli Road.
North Bethesda, MD 20852