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Again, I want to say: we understand that home testing kits have a margin of error. We continue to remain vigilant and isolated. Stay safe everybody!!


And just in case you are worried: we know that home kits give false negatives and are still isolating and taking every precaution we can. Graham has completely recovered from whatever was ailing him.

And So It Begins

I decided to keep this diary going as long as I can. It’s mainly for my family’s record, but I thought I’d post it as long as it makes sense (and my health allows). Yesterday was the first full day of COVID-19 in the house–and it’s catching! Or is it??

Vacation Birding Spreads

We traveled to California to see family and I did some birding and drawing while there. The top spread was birds I actually saw, while the bottom spread was inspired by all the Acorn Woodpeckers that were teaming in the backyard of my in-laws’ house. Woodpeckers are among my favorite birds by far and it was astounding to sit on their back deck and see an entire community of these striking woodpeckers nesting, calling and flying from tree to tree. I lost count at 15 one evening!

The trip home was hellish with canceled flights and motel rooms and panic and stress galore. It was nice to half listen to a movie and finish the woodpecker spread on the final flight back to New York when I was too tired to read or do much else.

Lately, my diary comics have been filled with nature and bird sightings, which is making me wonder if a bird themed issue of Paper Pencil Life might be a good idea. As I write this down, I worry about how boring this sounds, but the great thing about having your own comic series is that you can do whatever the heck you want! As it is, this has been such a pleasure to do–a way to be and see as I make my way in this world.

Paper Pencil Life #7 is HERE!

Dear friend,

I know life is weird right now and even downright hard and scary. I know that plans have been thwarted, people are sick and angry and afraid. It feels very weird to publish something during such a strained time of upheaval and uncertainty, but I also know what new work from other artists has meant to me at this time: It has been a lifeline. It has been a reminder that others are out there, in their world, alive and making things. It has been a comfort. This is what I hope this new issue of Paper Pencil Life will be like for you. It is the first ALL COLOR issue and I made every page count!

There are stories about dreams, destiny, starry nights, and grumpy postal workers! Stories about memory and monster movies and everything in between! There are friends and singing pets and hope. I hope you will like it and I hope it will make you happy. It will make me so happy to send you a copy.

Stay safe and thank you!



Paper Pencil Life #6 Now Available!


Happy to announce that Paper Pencil Life #6 is now available for purchase in the shop!! Hooray!! I’m really proud with how this baby came out–it’s the first issue with color in it!

More shop news:

To make room for the new, I have decided to discontinue Paper Pencil Life #2. If you haven’t got a copy and want the humble beginnings of my life in comics, now would be the time to get it!

After a brief run out after MoCCA, my travel diary form 2015, SOUVENIRS, is back in stock! Get ’em while you can!

Coming to MoCCAfest!


NEXT weekend I will be at Table A108 at MoCCAfest with a small pre-release batch of Paper Pencil Life #6! It officially gets released May 31st, but if you are in NYC next weekend you can buy a copy of it from me! It’s got color! Feelings! Memories and music!

I’ll also have All The Sad Songs, prints, and the usual fare! Hope to see you there!

MoCCA Arts Festival

Saturday, April 4, 11:00-7:00pm

Sunday, April 5, 11:00-6:00pm

Location: Metropolitan West, West 46th Street (between 11th & 12th Ave.), New York City