Paper Pencil Life #4 is HERE!

PPL4 front Cover




Excuse me while I do a little dance! My latest collection of comics and diary comics, Paper Pencil Life #4, is at last available to purchase! 52 pages of comics in beautiful black and white! Stories about road trips, the artistic life, strange mothers, anxiety, and so much more! All for just $8.00!

I have to tell you that I am immensely proud of this work–I think it is my best issue yet. It has my favorite stories I’ve made in it–plus I just love how it looks!

Also–THIS JUST IN: I’ve also added a limited edition 4 pack of all 4 issues of Paper Pencil Life in my shop–4 issues for the price of 3! This way you can get the whole shebang and for a cheaper price!



I’m thinking about not reprinting Issue #1 after this conference season to make room for more stuff (although the jury is still out on this one). I’m growing away from those initial first attempts pretty quickly and it’s starting to embarrass me a little when people buy PPL #1 to get an introduction for what I do. It doesn’t feel current anymore! So if you’ve been considering buying one, this 4 pack might be a good way to go–get the complete set while it lasts!  


All of these will be available at CXC and MICE in October, but if you won’t be there or can’t wait–get ’em in the shop!


Look What the Mailman Brought!

Look What the Mailman Brought

Isn’t it PRETTY??  I just got my copy of Booth Number 5 in the mail and my mouth dropped open–OH the beauty of print!  The quality of this journal is quite beautiful and SMART.  With so many lit journals turning to web sites, it is a RELIEF and a aesthetic pleasure to hold in my hands something so clearly made with with love.

Along with my two stories are pieces about writing from the likes of Pam Houston and Matt Bell (among others), interviews with Charles Simic and Chuck Klosterman, and  poetry and prose and comics by many others I cannot WAIT to discover.  Honestly, people, I feel like I made THE TEAM with this one!

Print LIVES, people–for a good reason!  Booth is GORGEOUS.  Go get yours!

Media BLITZ!

3 Stories in Devil's Lake

I am super excited to announce that I have THREE one page stories in the current issue of DEVIL’S LAKE!  Yippee!

I also have one story up ON THE HOME PAGE at Booth Journal, foreshadowing the PRINT EDITION that will be out soon with another story in it!


My story “Destination” is up at HOBART!!

And just in case you were keeping score–I know I was–I also had FOUR MORE STORIES ACCEPTED from a forthcoming journal.  In February I had a goal of 20 one page stories being published.  I am now only 4 away, at 16 total accepted since February.  Hellelujah!

Loaded Bicycle

aluminum airplane
I am super excited to announce that I have THREE one page stories over at Loaded Bicycle – a fantastic literary arts journal.  I found Loaded Bicycle in search of Poetry Comics and really liked the offbeat and experimental vibe they got going there.  It turns out, they liked what I do too!  Go check it!