Dmitri Kasterine

DSC_3123 Summer Pierre CU BW hand in head chin raised 8.5x11

I had the privilege of being photographed recently by the great Dmitri Kasterine. He wrote a little post about it and my work up on his blog.

I’ll add my own narrative to this experience: I was nervous to be photographed.  I hadn’t “posed” in 20 years and usually go running and screaming from any and all photos of myself. He made it easy and his only critique was, “Don’t smile!” As he says on his site, he likes to go beyond the polite face of his sitters. I think it shows.

All the Sad Songs Launch This Friday!

graphic launch

THIS FRIDAY, September 21st, 7pm at Split Rock Books in Cold Spring, NY will be the OFFICIAL LAUNCH of All the Sad Songs!

If you’re in the Hudson Valley or New York City area* please come on down and join us as we celebrate the launch of Peter Kuper’s Kafkaesque: Fourteen Stories and All the Sad Songs. We will be in conversation with comics editor Chris Duffy. It will be fun!

*Split Rock Books is an easy walk from the Metro North Cold Spring Station–an hour and 15 minutes from Grand Central Station! Come on up!




Radio Radio

I was going through files this weekend and found this comic I made back in 2014.  When I finished it I ultimately thought it was not “successful” so never published it here or in Paper Pencil Life. I had totally forgotten about it and see why I thought it wasn’t quite “there” yet, but it made me smile. I always tell people trying to get up the courage to send their work out: “Don’t pre-reject yourself–get it out there!” Especially if you have your own dang blog! So here it is–better late than never!

radio p1

radio 2radio p3


Writing & Drawing Comics

students drawing

Here’s some sketches I did of some students I worked with last fall making an EPIC comic frame by frame.  They worked SO hard and made such GREAT things.   I genuinely miss everyone in that class and LOVED seeing what their brains came up with.

You TOO can work hard and make great comics!

For those who are local to the Hudson Valley, I am once again teaching my Writing and Drawing Comics Class at the Garrison Art Center.  Four Saturdays starting on October 31st.  It’s open to everyone ages 9 and up–space is limited so GET IT WHILE YOU CAN!

In this class we cover the basics of making comics–writing pictures and drawing words.  No experience or “talent” is necessary, just a willingness to try new things.  It’s fun! Come on down!

Artist Talk at the Desmond-Fish Library on January 29

I'm Giving a Talk at the Desmond-Fish Library in Garrison, NY!

I am so excited to get a chance to do another Artist’s Talk, this time at the Desmond-Fish Library in Garrison, NY on Thursday, January 29!  If anybody is in the area (come on up, NYC!) and wants to come it’s within walking distance of the Garrison Metro North Train Station.  If you come you’ll get to see me talk about failure, the echo that hears you, and of course my drawings and art!  It’ll be fun!