Every first Tuesday of the month I go to Club Draw at Quinn’s in Beacon, NY and hang out in terrible lighting and draw with friends and strangers.  It is one of my favorite things to do–especially on a cold winter night like last night.  I usually bring a couple of pictures I want to draw to warm up with and this week I brought this fabulous number I found the other day on Tumblr.  I don’t really remember how it happened, but I suddenly got a wild hair to get as many people as possible to draw Vickie –and incredibly, people were totally game. Here are the results.  It makes me absurdly happy.

Drawing together is happiness!

Dear Diary

April 2 2013

I’ve been making one page “diary” entries off and on since I came back from my last visit with my mom in February. I don’t make these every day, but I am making them with more frequency. I am having a hard time writing these days, but for some reason drawing a comic of little moments throughout my day has been deeply calming. Sometimes the pages stretch throughout the day. Sometimes they talk about things I am thinking about (like my coffee habit). Sometimes they are just of the morning (like today’s). It’s something I can do in little spurts through the day when I am with Gus or alone.  They help me feel connected to what I am living in this little town with my big loneliness.  They help me know I am alive even if my life is very quiet.