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All In a Day

February 6, 2017


Ever wonder what my EXCITING LIFE looks like on a day to day level?  LOOK NO FURTHER!

24 Hour Comic Day was last Wednesday. I didn’t have time to draw it in real time so I took notes throughout the day and drew it up later.  The comic I was working on that day was for an anthology (coming in the fall!) and I was experimenting with this grid of 20 panels. I liked it so thought I’d try it for this too.

You Reading This, Be Ready

January 19, 2017


A poem I’ve been reading on repeat. A poem I will be referring back to. (thank you, Kim Cody for sending it to me)

8 Degrees Out

January 17, 2017

january-9-completeFirst comic of 2017! Woot!

Happy Birthday, Dr. King

January 16, 2017


I’ve seen drawings all over the internet today depicting the face of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  I love that so many of us are devoting time today to pay homage with our pens to this powerful man on his birthday. It’s like a spontaneous draw in!

Happy Birthday, Dr. King! May we honor you today and every day.

Prints for Proceeds

January 13, 2017


Hi Friends-

Like a lot of people here in the U.S., I spent Tuesday night watching Barack Obama address the nation as President for the last time. In order to be present and not sick with grief and fear I drew to it.  This was the result:


After posting it on Facebook & Instagram, people have been asking me for prints of it, so I decided to make a limited edition print, with proceeds going to LINK Unlimited, a non-profit located in South Side Chicago aiming “to connect economically disadvantaged African American high school students with mentors, resources, and foundational skills required for success as they advance into, through, and beyond college.”



Since posting my 2017 Resolution List, people have been asking for prints of that too. So I made a limited edition print with all proceeds will go to the Hudson Valley Food Bank, a place I volunteer at (I wasn’t kidding about the “volunteer locally” part!), and who provides over 300 facilities in the Hudson Valley in an effort to alleviate hunger.



Dear friends,

I sold out of prints & just sent payments to LINK Unlimited & The Hudson Valley Food Bank. My heart is full. Thanks so much to those who bought prints and those who spread the word! 

with gratitude,


Thanks in advance for your support of my work and of the work of small, local groups who are great examples of Democracy in action!





Onward 2017

January 5, 2017


Here are my resolutions for 2017. Wherever you are, I am wishing you all such love and courage and resolve in the coming year!

On the Corner of Avenue I and Ocean Parkway

December 23, 2016