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Onward 2017

January 5, 2017


Here are my resolutions for 2017. Wherever you are, I am wishing you all such love and courage and resolve in the coming year!

On the Corner of Avenue I and Ocean Parkway

December 23, 2016


3 Views From Today

December 19, 2016


I haven’t had a lot to say lately–or I haven’t felt that my voice was meaningful in light of what’s happening in our country and in the world.  Yet as I was drawing these 3 images from my day, I kept thinking about a letter I got this fall from a 10 year old budding cartoonist in England. She wanted to become pen pals and said, “I am dying to know what America is like!” At the time, in October, I loved the idea of answering this question, but was daunted by it–what the heck IS America like?  Now, since November, I am haunted by this question–because I honestly don’t know and maybe I never did and a well of grief rises in me.


Of course this is only part of the current story I am living out right now, as we ALL try to figure out where we are and what will become of us–a big question that can only be answered in moments and gestures. I know that whatever is to happen, I am where I am–in this very small part of America–living out my tiny part of an ever evolving and larger story that we all contribute to.

I know that whatever is to happen, I have to begin again and try to know where I am. I do this through drawing and words. Even if it doesn’t make sense. Even if it feels foolish and pointless.  This was true before this election and it remains true now.

Heidi, I promise to answer your letter. I just haven’t found the words yet.


Reading in NYC on Wednesday!

December 12, 2016

czio6g_ukaap6mq-jpg-largeLook at this line up! And who is that strange dude named 4th on the list? Why it’s ME! *I’m* the strange dude listed 4th on this amazing list of comics creators who will be reading/performing their comics in New York City this week! Come on over to Dixon place! Join the crowd of cheering comics enthusiasts! I might even bring some goods to sell!

Hope to see you there!

Let’s Make Comics Together in the New Year

December 8, 2016


Want a great way to kick off 2017 RIGHT? Way more fun and LONGER LASTING than a diet! Join me for another session of my Writing & Drawing Comics Class starting January 9th!!

Not for you, but know someone else who might love it? This also makes a PERFECT Christmas gift–get in touch with me about gift options at summer (at) summerpierre (dot) com.

5 weeks of comics lessons delivered straight to your mailbox–so you can take it anywhere in the world with an internet connection!

Self-Paced! Do it all in one sitting or a little bit at a time throughout the week! A perfect option for the busy, scattered, and time conscious!

Don’t draw but want to try? Not a problem!

Draw but having problems making the jump to writing narrative? COME ON DOWN!

Sign up now and FEEL THE GLOW!  Let’s kick this next year into HIGH GEAR!



My World

November 30, 2016


In the dustbin of “Least Important News Items” comes this latest bulletin: I just finished this drawing for my “about” image for my web site. I’ve always loved drawings like this that illustrators and cartoonists do of themselves to somehow capture their world.  This was fun to make because I liked thinking of all the influences and interests that my comic work is made from which includes art and writing, but also memories and basic life stuff. I actually have that rug with the turned up corners in my studio. Gus isn’t usually so happy reading comics under my feet, but he does love some Calvin and Hobbes (as do I). Gye Smiley comics in the lower right hand corner was the comic book series I made as a kid. The portrait on the left is my grandfather. I drink lots of water out of that water bottle. The drawing taped to the lamp on the right is a picture Gus drew of me.

(You get the idea.)

It feels like an accurate depiction of how I do my work–balancing the needs of my home life with everything else. None of it is very organized and yet it somehow amounts to something.

Now back to more important things…



Start Here

November 29, 2016


This one goes out to Chris Duffy, Jen McCreery, Charlie Fetherolf, Deb Lucke, & Cheryl Baker–with thanks!