Finally I Can Show You This!

ATSS cover 2

LOOK! It’s the cover of my forthcoming memoir ALL THE SAD SONGS! A year ago I sat down to make a 25 page story and ended up 8 months later with a 104 page book and it’s coming in September from Big Planet/Retrofit. I am SO EXCITED to be able to FINALLY talk about it! Here is the description:

“How is it that a song doesn’t specifically have to be about you, but it feels like it is?”

In her first full-length graphic memoir, Summer Pierre takes us on a journey through the soundtracks that shaped her. Through mix tapes, boyfriends, late nights in Boston folk clubs, and ill-fated cross-country road trips, Pierre weaves a moving meditation on music, memory, and identity.

You can see can see a 3 page sample at the Big Planet/Retrofit Kickstarter that launched today!   Small independent publishers like BP/Retrofit depend on Kickstarter campaigns to fund printing costs and author advances. You can pledge at the $10 level and essentially be pre-ordering my book! Go get it!!

I am SO PROUD to be published in the 2018 line up, which also includes books by Sarah Lautman, T. Warren Craghead III, Yumi Sakugawa, Karl Stevens and a bunch of amazing other cartoonists. What company! Go see their amazing work!

Thank you in advance for supporting independent presses and my first ever full-length memoir. I am really proud of this work and I can’t wait for you all to read it!

Become: On The Origin of Passion

New book I illustrated is out! photo by Nate Burgos

It is with great pleasure that I announce that a big illustration job I had last year has finally made its way into the world: Become: On the Origin of Passion, edited and compiled by Nate Burgos

Become Sample2

50 quotes of makers, scientists, actors, athletes, performers, you name it on the moment or the THING that made them become what they became.  Each one is accompanied by an illustration.

I had so much fun drawing the memories and moments that made everyone from Filmmaker David Lynch to Oceanographer Sylvia Earle become what they eventually became.  A great gift for graduates and other people in your life embarking on a new journey or endeavor.  A great book for anyone at a crossroads or just curious.

Go get your copy!

The Grapes of Wrath

grapes of wrath

The Grapes of Wrath was published today in 1939.  Dorothy Parker said it was the greatest American novel she had ever read.  My husband said it ruined him for all other novels. My brother, who was never a “reader,” says it is his favorite books of all time.  It’s just one of those books.  Happy birthday, you dear and great American novel.

Paper Pencil Life # 3 is HERE!

PPL 3 Cover Image

Hey all! I am *THRILLED* to announce that my latest comic collection Paper Pencil Life #3 IS IN THE SHOP!  Woohoo!  48 pages of autobiographical comics and diary comics by yours truly!

Comics about childhood! Parenting! Fear! Snow! Mornings! Love! Casey Kasem!  Many never before seen anywhere!  All collected and lovingly put together for your enjoyment.

AND check this out:

The first 10 to order will get a special surprise bonus book!  So what are you waiting for?  Go get it!


Paper Pencil Life is HERE!

Friends I am SO EXCITED to officially be able to sell my TWO comic book collections: Paper Pencil Life #1 & #2!  I even made a TRAILER for it (see above).




Each book is 48 pages and has 23 comics NEVER BEFORE SEEN ANYWHERE.  That’s right–46 pages total of comics you’ve never seen.  I like how they turned out a lot.

You can order them in the shop! Get ’em while you can! 

Thank you so much for all your support everyone.  

The Travel Writer


I am THRILLED to announce that my friend and fellow writing group member, Jeff Soloway’s first book THE TRAVEL WRITER is being released today.  It’s the first in a trilogy of mysteries that is perfect for the summer read on a plane or by the pool.  It’s got all the goods: travel, action, witty dialogue–a mystery for thinkers! Think Graham Greene meets Aaron Sorkin.   I may have to break down and get an e-reader (something I have been loathe to do) just so I can buy this book (it would be worth it!).

(On a personal note, I love my friend Jeff and am very proud of him.)

GO get it now!




Donkey Dream: A Love Story of Pie & Farm

My friend Katherine Dunn is quite an artist and storyteller. Years ago, as I was immersed in the first wave of the on-line creative movement, Katherine was an artist I greatly admired not only for her considerable artistic vision, but for her life vision as well. I poured over her story of leaving a corporate job cold turkey to become an illustrator and artist after watching Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey. I dreamed of having faith like that and I was again inspired when she quit the East Coast to live out another dream of having a farm on the West.

She was always generous to me in words of wisdom, in moments of needy questions of direction, and in celebrating my work on occasion to those she thought might dig it. It’s my turn to give a shout out to her latest project: DONKEY DREAM: A STORY OF PIE & LOVE, which chronicles her move to the West Coast and all that came (incredibly and magically) after. It’s a full-color painted, scrapped, photographed and written memoir–and it needs help to be brought in this world.  Watch the video and you’ll see what a great and unique project this is.

This project is already 75% funded, but won’t you help kick it to the funded level over the next 18 days?  I know there may be a few of you out there all Kickstartered out, but this is a gorgeous hold-in-your hands piece of art. You can donate as little as you want and it won’t be charged unless it’s fully funded. A small donation of $25 will get you the book and a chance to win an original painting of Katherine’s.  I have already donated and I can’t wait to get my hands on that book!

Please consider helping an artistic visionary get her book out there!

Thank you!

A Love of Life

Dear artistic people of both practice and heart – especially those on their lunch hour, sitting at their desks, eating their Chipotle burrito and feeling cooped up on another frigid winter day- please watch this video. It is the best 20 minutes I have spent on the internet in a very very long time. I watched and listened to it while I was cleaning my desk for the next chapter of work and ideas and it built some wings on my back, I hope to test out this week. I hope it does the same for you.

I found this via Lynda Barry’s tumblr and I dedicate it to the librarians at my local library.

The Book I’d Like to Read

December 30 2013Some context: I flew to Milwaukee to surprise my brother Blaise for his 50th Birthday.  It was awesome.

The book I was reading is World Enough & Time: On Creativity and Slowing Down by Christian McEwan.  I cannot recommend this book enough.  As someone who thought they were beyond done with reading about creativity, I found this book so beautiful and nourishing to read.  I don’t think of it so much about creativity, but a meditation on the pace of life, using artists, writers, and poets as a lens.  It was a good reminder to focus on what matters to me most and how to be more present in life as a practice.  All this is true, AND it is clear to me that the author does not have children–which makes her assertions and some of her ideas often impractical for the frazzled parent (a.k.a me).  I actually tried getting up at 4:30 all last week inspired by her example of the writer (and father) William Styron to spend some time writing and drawing, but it turned out to be a hellish week of school delays among a work deadline.  My stress level was so high, due to the demands of work and home, that the early hours were eaten up in just trying to get work done.  Ah well–perhaps I will try it again in the spring, when weather is not such a factor, and I will lower my expectations (which is parenting 101).

Technicolor Adventures at The Library

Mountain of Crayfish
I think if I could have a dream part-time job it would be to curate a Tumblr for my local library system. One of my absolute favorite things to do is to just wander the stacks at the library, discovering things in odd places–if it’s vintage, so much the better! My local library has many incredible vintage books in their small selection and I found myself lost in the cookbook section, where the technicolor imagery had my mouth watering–not for food reasons, but aesthetic reasons. I mean who can RESIST the mountain of crayfish pictured above??  Not to your taste?  How about mysterious egg dishes or stuffed tomatoes!
french food2

Oooh la la!

Or how about the sad chocolate mound man?  “Please don’t eat me,” he cries!

french food

Or a salad garnished in Nasturtium and radishes? Mais oui!

Speaking of dessert: How about a green frosted Autumn Festival Cake to KICK OFF THE SEASON? Who can resist?  Who??
CakeI don’t know why these kind of images make me happy–I haven’t figured out what to exactly DO with them, but they thrill me to no end.  They are just so BRIGHT.  Occasionally, a girl just needs some color in her black and white comic world.  Can you dig?