Paper Pencil Life #7 is HERE!

Dear friend,

I know life is weird right now and even downright hard and scary. I know that plans have been thwarted, people are sick and angry and afraid. It feels very weird to publish something during such a strained time of upheaval and uncertainty, but I also know what new work from other artists has meant to me at this time: It has been a lifeline. It has been a reminder that others are out there, in their world, alive and making things. It has been a comfort. This is what I hope this new issue of Paper Pencil Life will be like for you. It is the first ALL COLOR issue and I made every page count!

There are stories about dreams, destiny, starry nights, and grumpy postal workers! Stories about memory and monster movies and everything in between! There are friends and singing pets and hope. I hope you will like it and I hope it will make you happy. It will make me so happy to send you a copy.

Stay safe and thank you!