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Cambridge, MA bound!

October 19, 2018

ATSS p56

As I type, I am in the midst of packing up for the weekend at MICE in the Cambridge and Somerville area. The Boston area is always a loaded place for me–you can read all about why in ALL THE SAD SONGS! My first time going to MICE two years ago was the trip that started the emotional seeds for this book.  It feels good to think about bringing this book to its heartland.  If you are in the Boston area this weekend, this show is not to be missed! Come on out and say hi!

And in honor of its homecoming, I give you this:

Here’s a page from All the Sad Songs that takes place in a now defunct club, The Kendall Cafe. It was located in Kendall Square, in Cambridge, near MIT. I went to their open mics on Thursdays and saw and played many shows there. One night shortly before I started going to open mics, Elvis Costello spontaneously showed up to play an unscheduled show.  He signed a poster that hung proudly above the booths, along with posters of other local artists that had made it: Aimee Mann, Pete Wolf, among others.

For years afterwards, the club was filled with the sparkly legend of this show—The Kendall was a place Elvis Costello could show up any minute! Who knows what could happen! Nothing like it ever happened while I was there, but one night I showed up for the open mic and a last minute act had been slipped in as the main feature that night. It was my then idol Jennifer Trynin. Her album Cockamamie was a huge album for me and one of the reasons I decided to move to Boston.  She was supposed to be on tour with Paula Cole, but Cole cancelled the tour at the last minute, leaving Trynin and her band without venues to support her new album, Gun Shy Trigger Happy.  The booker at the Kendall Cafe was a longtime supporter of Trynin and offered her the 30 minute slot that kicked off the night. When I found out I almost fainted! I embarrassed myself thoroughly by fawning at her feet. I was in HEAVEN when her band kicked into gear just 5 feet away from where I sat. That night she dedicated her song “Writing Notes” to me, one of my favorite “Heartbreak” songs that appear in the songlist at the end of Section 5 of All The Sad Songs.  Honestly, it’s THE song of that whole time for me. Listening to it right now, brings me to tears because no song describes better how I felt during that time.

So many stories, people! I may make a few more this weekend! Come on by and be part of it!

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