Signed Copies of ALL THE SAD SONGS available and more!

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Just some quick updates from the land of Sad Songs and such:


There are now signed copies of ALL THE SAD SONGS in my shop! Get them while they are HOT! You can also put in the note if you want it personalized. Come and get them!

A Note On Pre-Orders:  If you pre-ordered my book through Retrofit’s Kickstarter, your book is on the way (if you haven’t got it already!). I got news that all packages have been shipped. Thank you for those who did that!

If you pre-ordered it through Amazon or another bookstore, there was an issue with the distributer and you most likely won’t get your copy until October 15th! Dang, I KNOW! I’ve heard that some bookstore orders have come through, so this may just be an Amazon thing. Either way, thank you for pre-ordering and I am so sorry about any and all delays!


Susie Derkins

By popular demand, I’ve also made playlists on Spotify of many of the mixtapes that appear in the book.  I had SO MUCH fun putting this together and have loved experiencing the soundtracks all over again. Go check them out!


I did a podcast interview with Derek Royal on the Comics Alternative all about music, tapes vs. CDs vs. albums, diary comics, talking about your loved ones in comics, and so much more!

I also have done a couple interviews in print elsewhere:

My friend Jennifer Hayden and I chat on her blog about making the leap from short form to long form, PTSD living, making art the art you most want to find, and so much more.

On Smash Pages, Alex Deueben and I talked about cassette tapes, poetry, my history in comics, and the wild ride it took to make this book!

Thanks all for your support. This book means the world to me. Let me know if you like it!

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  1. Yes… I received my copy in the mail Saturday (9/29). YAY!! Looking forward to hearing and reading your interviews mentioned above

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