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Happy National Poetry Month

April 2, 2018

Haiku #1

This morning’s haiku comic.

As longtime readers know, I love National Poetry Month. I literally look forward to it every April–when I can use it as an excuse to read nothing but poetry. This month is no different–although I also want to spend it reading and listening to poets in interviews and essays and pondering poetry. I feel like poets and cartoonists have a lot in common. Poets and cartoonist both try to do a lot with very little. Both work in rhythm and timing. Financially both art forms are totally impractical when it comes to making a living and yet we devote ourselves totally to it. I learn so much about what to tell and how to tell it in comics from poetry.

Like every winter, my time is in short supply due to snow days and family needs. Today is no different thanks to a late snow storm. I have a big comic I am working on, but won’t get to it because I won’t have time.  This is when poetry is especially helpful–I can steal away and sneak a poem or two as time as needed. Recently, browsing a used bookstore, I stumbled upon James Wright’s book of haiku and have been starting my days reading and writing haiku of my own. It fits easily into very brief periods of time. I always have plans to make my haiku into comics, but I didn’t until this morning. I managed to fit it in when my son was eating breakfast.  Now he sits on the floor reading Tubby comics as I type this, behind him a large window of snow. Another day when I’ll have to be creative in order to make things work. Another perfect day for poetry.

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