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Just What I Needed

July 30, 2017

At the Madonna Inn, San Luis Obispo, CA

It’s vacation time on my little neck of the woods. I just got back last night from a week away and have a few days before we leave again for another shorter jaunt. My family traveled to California to both visit other family and for my husband Graham and I to get a rare few days to ourselves to celebrate our 10th anniversary. Before we left I had been so mired in work that I was in denial about leaving. I kind of DIDN’T want to go. I have never made a long-form comic story and underestimated just how much time it takes to make something so intricate.  I had hoped to be done by the time we left, but it has kept growing as I’ve gone and there was no way I was going to get it done in time. I have never missed a deadline (I love and need them so!), so I was stressed about not meeting this one. Luckily, the publisher I am working with is used to working with cartoonists, where such things are common and was not concerned in the least. After months of lockdown at the desk writing and working at a white hot speed, going through intense loads of emotional work through it all, it was a tremendous relief to get permission to give it the time it needed.  After I got the reassuring e-mail. I closed the laptop and the studio and ran to the west coast on vacation.  It was one of the best trips we’ve had together in a long long time. I read 2 books, explored the midcoast of California, ate so much food,  did a little drawing, and just relaxed.

On the plane yesterday I got a huge lightbulb for an edit I needed to do for the section of the book I’ve been struggling with working on and just felt this surge of excitement at what I am making. As usual, what I am resistant to is actually what I most need.

Hope you all are having a good summer.  Announcement coming tomorrow–stay tuned!


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