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New Comic in The Kilgore Quarterly

May 15, 2017
DL Thumb

from my comic ‘Dappled Light’ forthcoming from Kilgore Quarterly.

I am excited to announce that I have a new 5 page comic forthcoming in the next edition of Kilgore Quarterly due out next month. I cannot believe the company that I am in: Leslie Stein, Tim Lane, Sam Spina, and Jason??  Uh, thanks for letting me “hang out” with you!

The Quarterly is part of Kilgore Books & Comics’ Spring/Summer line, which includes new works by my pal Glynnis Fawkes, Noah Van Sciver, Lauren Barnett, and is due to be released in June at CAKE.  In order to cover print & royalties, Kilgore Books is running a Kickstarter.  Think of it as a pre-order! Pay now and you’ll get one in June! AND you’ll be supporting independent artists and publishing. Sweet!

I’ve already pledged by ordering Glynnis’ book (Hi Glynnis! I’m can’t wait to read this book!)–come on and get yours–and thank you!

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