6 thoughts on “From Angelface to Puddn’

  1. Summer, brilliant story and what happened to the old mix tape? I used to make cd’s back in the day after the tech arrived but not everyone could listen. Now I’m completely digital and the mixtape lies personally on my iPod, damaged and not working at all.

  2. I still have it–it’s sitting on my desk right now! I had to take it out of the tape deck in my car after 2 months straight of listening to it! I still have all the mix tapes I ever got. I’ve been thinking of getting a tape adapter that can transform tapes into MP3s, but haven’t gotten that far.

  3. Brilliant, I bet you didn’t imagine listening to it still all these years later! Music is amazing for stirring up memories, I still remember listening to the radio with my mum singing along while preparing a meal, or cleaning. Beautiful memories.

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