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Comic & Interview in My Pace 02 Anthology

May 12, 2016

My comic “How I Came to Comics” is in the very FINE anthology “My Pace 02” out from Rod+Cone & debuting this weekend at TCAF.  They just posted an interview of 5 questions where I get to talk about my past as a songwriter, the creative habit, peer groups, and dream projects. All this and the DREW ME!

Here’s a taste:


1. You were also a singer-songwriter. How does making comics reflect or differ from the process of writing & playing music?  Was songwriting as autobiographical?

My songs were very autobiographical–very in the moment and very similar to the comics I am making right now (although my comics have a lot less break ups in them!).  One of the reasons I was so drawn to songwriting as a medium was that songs have this powerful emotional shorthand–they don’t have to be specifically about YOU but they can feel like it. In a sense, when a song hits you right, it can feel like the song hears you instead of the other way around. When I stopped being a musician I discovered that this feeling of being “heard” was in so much of the art, books, etc. that I loved–it’s not just songs that can do that.  When I started making comics it felt like I was tapping into the same emotional landscape as the songs I wrote. My friend Jennifer Hayden once remarked that my comics read like songs and that made me so happy.

All this being said, it’s probably no surprise that I find making comics very similar to songwriting. When I draw out the panels it feels a lot like putting music down–a rhythmic system to organize the words & story.  It works.

Read the full interview here! 

If you aren’t going to be at TCAF, you can preorder the anthology here!

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