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Falling into love with comics

February 4, 2016

This is the first time EVER that I’ve reblogged something from another site, but I was SO moved and touched by Divyam’s break down of her experience in the Writing and Drawing  Comics Class, I had to share it. Our last week is winding up and all I can say is THANKS FOR THE RIDE. Everybody kicked butt!

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Falling into love II - final

Alas, this is the final week of Writing and Drawing Comics with Summer Pierre! It’s been one helluva journey – both eye-opening and enjoyable. Here are some of the things that I’ve learned over the past 5 weeks:

Trust your line. That means no erasers! This was very hard at first but as time went on I felt a great sense of freedom. Timed exercises really helped with getting into the flow. No one expects you to be Michelangelo in 60 seconds, right? In a weird way, the time pressure actually takes the pressure off. I found that when I wasn’t concerned about “getting it right”, I had a lot more fun and was freer with my imagination. Characters and situations appeared on the page that probably wouldn’t have if I had longer to think about it.

insurance salesmanchef mini methe dreamerCharacters determine the story. I never really understood this concept when I was writing prose fiction. The story idea would always come to…

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