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Gone Fishing

July 13, 2015

mobile 1Every year at this time I think I’m “at a crossroads” in some form.  My restlessness and boredom is at a peak, so is my lack of focus.  I think DRAMATIC thoughts about my inability to feel engaged, wondering about the very nature of my purpose.  I wrote a big blog post talking about the reasons for this and it felt SO TRUE.  Then perusing my journals and my own sketchbooks a few days ago, I saw the truth: I feel this way every year at the exact same time and all I really need is a vacation.

Lucky for me, literally everything I had planned for July and August fell through.  I was supposed to move, go on a big trip, do a ton of work–and NONE of it worked out.  I’ve decided to take it for what it is: a GIANT swath of time to take a break!

Every year I try to take a small sabbatical from the internet.  I find it jump starts everything in my life–my inspiration, my motivation, my sense of clarity, and my over all sense of health.  There is NEVER a convenient time to do this and honestly, the busier I get, the harder it is to do.  This seems like a perfect time to do it.

I’ll be on an internet sabbatical for at least a week, but I’m extending its reach by going on a break from posting comics here until the end of August.  I’ll post news items, but the meat will return at the end of August.

See you soon!

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