Mr. Yeti from A-Z

Mr. Yeti From A to Z

Want a quick way to get inspired to make comics?  Get in a group and do a drawing jam.  Then pick a character that you didn’t draw and spend time drawing that character.  You’ll be surprised by the results!

Mr. Yeti comes from a drawing jam I participated in with a group of cartoonists I meet with once a month.  I love the kind of drawing that comes from drawing jams and how when you work from someone else’s character creation your brain wakes up and runs with it.  It is a great way to fly over the barricades your brain puts up when it imposes ideas of how things should go.  In other words, it lets you play and gets you drawing.  I *HIGHLY* recommend it.

This one goes out to my students at the Garrison Art Center.  On Saturday we worked on characters and learning who they are through moods and descriptions–and how that can make a comic in itself. They did great work.