Where Art Thou Heather McAdams?

h mccadams 3 h mccadams 1 h mccadams  h mccadams 2 In search of autobiographical comics, I recently stumbled upon the work of Heather McAdams, a Chicago based cartoonist (filmmaker & artist as well) I adored in the late 90’s, but had forgotten about. Upon rediscovering her work, I immediately remembered what I loved–the folk art feel of her lines and the zany, sometimes dark humor.  So much of the autobiographical work I read (and make) these days takes itself SO SERIOUSLY, I forgot how there was a strain of autobiographical comics in the 80’s and 90’s that could be dark and yet have a delightful artistic wackiness.  Her drawing style makes me remember the thrift stores I went to as a kid, filled with country LPs and wood paneling on the walls.

Trying to find more of her work has been a bit of a sleuthing project, as she has no current internet presence at all, except for some breadcrumbs here and there from 2013 and back.  She used to make a country calendar every year and (I think) has gone on to make An Everything But Country Calendar–though where you would buy this, I haven’t a clue.  (Heather, if you are reading this–please set up a shop somewhere on line–I would buy your wares!)  I ordered her fantastic (out of print) book Cartoon Girl and have been learning a lot from it.  Why she is not more known or appreciated is beyond me.  I may have to go to Chicago and track her down.  I’ve been having fantasies of going out to breakfast or thrift store shopping with her so we can draw together.  You never know.  It could happen, right?