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Baby Hold On To Me

February 23, 2015

Baby Hold On To MeFor the last few months I’ve been thinking A LOT about music as a memory trigger.  My mom was a stagehand and rigger for nearly 40 years.  My stepdad collected records and remains one of the most musical curious people I know.  My father is a musician and singer-songwriter.  You could say that music was not a thing in the atmosphere of my childhood, but it WAS the atmosphere.  That being said, I have found that music can be a powerful memory trigger for almost anyone in the way that scent can be.  I’ve fantasized about putting together an anthology of one to two page comics on the memories of songs.  I feel like I see a lot of comics about the artists who write and perform songs, but not about the personal ties to songs, which tend to be common and yet powerful.

I’m in the process of preparing to teach an autobiographical comics class at The Garrison Art Center next month and thinking about how I can get the class to enter easily into memories and story telling.  Making a list of songs might be a good place to start.

  1. jennifer parsons permalink
    February 23, 2015 6:27 pm

    Oh Summer! This one tears at my heart strings in a big way.  I think you have captured the longing that occurs when a child is separated from her parent.  A wonderful comic with deep meaning.

  2. February 23, 2015 6:44 pm

    I have to agree with you. Music is such a universal language and it can bring the most unlikely people together and unite others. Or it can tear your heart to pieces. Hearing a song that you listened to over and over again while crying (for whatever reason) can still bring tears to your eyes years later. Good luck with your list. I don’t even know where mine would begin if I tried.

  3. Eva Jardin permalink
    February 25, 2015 6:01 am


    Thinking of you a lot! It’s been 3 years this week for my Mom and two for your Mom next week-right?

    Thinking of you!

    Eva Jardin – Aptos

  4. February 25, 2015 10:08 am

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  5. summer permalink*
    February 25, 2015 11:33 am

    Hi Eva! Teared up reading your comment. Thank you & thinking of you.

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