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Favorite Comics of 2014

January 1, 2015


Part of what was so great about 2014 for me was the plethora of incredible comics I read and discovered all year.  Everybody is doing lists, so why not me.  My list doesn’t include all things PUBLISHED in 2014, but READ in 2014.  Also, there were a number on-line that I just couldn’t find again, which makes me sad because there are so so many good cartoonists doing SERIOUSLY GREAT work on-line these days.  If you got money to spend for Christmas (and I did), some of the print items will serve you well too:

Summer’s Best Comics 2014*

*this is part one

see part two here


Let’s Draw a Car and Then Let’s Draw Batman – Lynda Barry

This was the first comic I read in 2014 and it blew my mind.  Once again, Barry does her own thing and it’s insanely beautiful and mouth-watering.  This appears in her new book Syllabus, which I highly recommend too for teachers and for Barry fans.

Daughter -Glynnis Fawkes

After I read this I thought, “I need to meet this woman.” I’m so glad we did meet at MoCCA.  Now she’s my friend! Aren’t you jealous?

Little Miss Bipolar – Keiler Roberts

I won’t be at SPX... – Keiler Roberts

Roberts is definitely one of the rising stars of comics and you will see why here.

Carriers by Lauren Weinstein

In my opinion this is by far Weinstein’s best and most powerful work to date.  A story about becoming a parent, genetics, and legacies.

I am an Artist (series) – Edie Everette

Somebody ( forget who–sorry!) linked to this series by Everette and I was shocked that I had never heard of her.  Her visual style knocked me out.  She is one of the few cartoonists I love who use color–which is an interesting contrast to her often dark autobiographical stories (that I love).

Beginning’s End – Rina Ayuyang

MUTHAHOOD! Art! Muthahood!

Sex is a Kind of Magic Other People Have – Connie Sun

I did not know about Sun and her 5 day a week comic practice until I roomed with her at SPX.  Then I looked at her work and realized she was not kidding around. Now if only I could think of a nice young man to set her up with…

Julie Delporte Visits Finlandia: Moomin Mania – Julie Delporte

I love this travel journal and Delporte’s gorgeous style.

On Optimism – Anders Nilsen

Thoughtful thoughts at the end of 2014.


Over Easy – Mimi Pond

Long awaited and so great. 

Truth is Fragmentary – Gabrielle Bell

Bell makes the diary comic look easy.  So deliciously good.

Powdered Milk – Keiler Roberts

John Porcellino told me that Roberts was his current favorite cartoonist.  Now you can see why!

Curses – Kevin Huizenga

Mixing the fabled with the midwestern town.  I will never forget the monkey in his story “Green Tea” nor the feathered ogre–ever.

Black Hole – Charles Burns

I know, I know everyone has read this, but MAN ALIVE it totally blew MY MIND. When I saw Charles Burns in the lobby at SPX I got knock-kneed.

I Don’t Hate Your Guts – Noah Van Shiver

I first read this on line as a real-time diary and it made me love Van Sciver’s work–his autobio is the least of it.  I think he’s really more of a young, yet old-timey comic fiction writer. I can’t wait for Fante Bukowski to come out (which made my web best of, but could not be linked to).

Heart Farts – Cara Bean and Jason Viola

I met both Jason and Cara at SPX and liked them immediately.  Jason sent me a copy of this collection of comics they put together which is FULL of the small, heartfelt, sometimes philosophical comics I crave. Beautiful.

The Story of the Cheese – Glynnis Fawkes

I made Graham read this comic when I brought it home from SPX and he laughed until there were tears in his eyes.


And now a word from our sponsor:

I started to write a post summarizing the last year for me personally and like all my other “processing” attempts it just seemed fruitless.  I guess I am out of talking about things unless they are in comic form!  This is good news on the whole.  Too bad for you, cartooning takes so DAMN LONG so that I can’t get ideas down fast enough to share them.  This is what I will share:

1. I’ve had an amazing professional year that brought a windfall of community, opportunity, and work.

2. I love that I am no longer “young”, so I don’t take the above for granted.

3. I don’t do resolutions anymore.  I will say that in the next year I don’t want to do “less” or “more” of anything–I just want to continue.

Happy 2015 All!

  1. January 2, 2015 2:51 pm

    Happy new year! xox

  2. summer permalink*
    January 2, 2015 5:26 pm

    HAPPY NEW YEAR! xoxo

  3. January 4, 2015 12:35 am

    Summer I am honored to be on this list wow and thanks for the reference list of comics! Edie

  4. summer permalink*
    January 4, 2015 12:46 pm

    You rule, Edie! I’m so glad I discovered your work!

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