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IMG_3512Today’s sketchbook spread, including the day’s diary comic.  

This is the reality of a working stay at home parent: no matter how well you plan for possible craziness, it’s pretty much chaos no matter what. This week: Snow storms? Ice storms? Health issues? School closures? All on a deadline week?  Check check check!  I love my work and I love my son, but NOT TOGETHER.  I struggle all the time with how to manage kid care and work care, while also feeling incredibly lucky that Gus can have a primary parent to come home to and to be with when he gets sick or can’t go to school.  Either way, it’s HARD work.  Tonight I’ll be doing work as soon as he goes to bed.  Tomorrow will be another day–whatever that means.


8 thoughts on “Today’s Sketchbook

  1. Way too soon these will be the good old days.

    *Their* youth flies for you, not them – they meet forever every other hour.
    For them,. tomorrow is an *entire* day away!

    Buck up, Chum… Yer doin’ fine.


  2. I worked part time through my child’s growing years. It is the most wonderful gift! Love it! It was very hard to “wish my child to sleep” in order to work. I know all those days that just disappear into nothingness because of the inability to work, but too, I am blessed that I could hold my daughter for 14 hours once as she burned with a fever and just wanted to watch Casper. For you it is also a source of your art. I love it! Take it all slowly! Too soon these years are over. My daughter is a junior in college and it was hard to leave the caretaker role. Sometimes it just makes more sense to drop all your baggage and be there for them…….

  3. A trillion times YES! Although recently what has been plaguing me most as a freelancer (if not as a WAHM) is not unexpected days off for the kiddos (that was what plagued me in November) but my own illnesses.

    I, too, am cheering you on. We can do this!

  4. Cheering you on from this corner too; for all of us. Can I just ring the we-need-more-societal-support bell, as well?

    Your sketch book pages are STUNNING, Summer. Just the shapes on the page are so utterly satisfying to the eye.

  5. Summer,
    It’s amazing to me that you can draw your full comic stories in your SKETCHBOOK! I’ve been reading/viewing Lynda Barry’s stuff lately and am wondering – do you use a non-photo blue pencil first? Whether or not, your work is great. Yes, working mamas – we got this! (As hard as it is sometimes.)
    Thank you,
    Kim in San Diego
    P.S. Sleater-Kinney just released more show dates in 2015!

  6. Hi! I just saw your post from this week. Keep on keeping on! The comic look really good. I can.’t read it on my phone. I will look at it on the computer when I get home. I love you! Jenny

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