the gods will offer you chances

the laughing heartThis is hanging above my desk right now.  Bukowski is one of my secret favorite poets.  I’m not alone–you can see Tom Waits reading this poem here.  Happy National Poetry Month–one of the greatest inventions in this country since the hour long lunch break.

5 thoughts on “the gods will offer you chances

  1. What a beautiful reminder to take my “The Last Night of the Earth Poems” off the shelf. Thank you so much for posting this, Summer. “You can beat death in life, sometimes.” I needed that reminder. It’s been a rough week and a half in ye’ ol’ soul-sucking job. I have felt burnt to the ground. Thanks to your post and C.B., I feel a phoenix stirring ever so faintly.

  2. Thank you for this one! Rocking excellent!

    Just finished reading Ariel Gore’s mindblowing memoir The End of Eve, had a great session with my shrink on narcissistic mothers and now this gift from you!

    April is not going to be the cruellest month 🙂

    Much love and keep sharing (even if I don’t always respond, I read you loud & clear & love the stuff you share & create).


    Spring hugs from Cecile


  3. whoo Summer, once again thank you so much. I needed to read exactly those words exactly right now, in the midst of the 3rd (count them, 1, 2, 3) family bout of stomach flu in three months; trying to finish my dissertation proposal, ahem… that old mother/academic/where am I in all of this game. Anyway. Thank you. Thank you.

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