My friend Katherine Dunn is quite an artist and storyteller. Years ago, as I was immersed in the first wave of the on-line creative movement, Katherine was an artist I greatly admired not only for her considerable artistic vision, but for her life vision as well. I poured over her story of leaving a corporate job cold turkey to become an illustrator and artist after watching Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey. I dreamed of having faith like that and I was again inspired when she quit the East Coast to live out another dream of having a farm on the West.

She was always generous to me in words of wisdom, in moments of needy questions of direction, and in celebrating my work on occasion to those she thought might dig it. It’s my turn to give a shout out to her latest project: DONKEY DREAM: A STORY OF PIE & LOVE, which chronicles her move to the West Coast and all that came (incredibly and magically) after. It’s a full-color painted, scrapped, photographed and written memoir–and it needs help to be brought in this world.  Watch the video and you’ll see what a great and unique project this is.

This project is already 75% funded, but won’t you help kick it to the funded level over the next 18 days?  I know there may be a few of you out there all Kickstartered out, but this is a gorgeous hold-in-your hands piece of art. You can donate as little as you want and it won’t be charged unless it’s fully funded. A small donation of $25 will get you the book and a chance to win an original painting of Katherine’s.  I have already donated and I can’t wait to get my hands on that book!

Please consider helping an artistic visionary get her book out there!

Thank you!

Donkey Dream: A Love Story of Pie & Farm