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The late, the great

January 20, 2012

I just found out that the great Etta James has crossed the finish line.  I put her in my Great Gals book because she was a woman who kept rising despite social and professional circumstances, fashion, and self-destructive acts.  She shouldn’t have succeeded (many times over), but she did.  She was a rebel, a powerhouse, and an original.  That lady lived life and sang every note of it.  No offense to Beyonce, who does her own thing very well, but she could not sing “something deep in my soul said cry girl,” with the same weight and power that Etta did.  Etta had a way of plowing the hard dirt with her voice and unearthing the rawness of what was underneath the surface.  She went deep.  Thank you, Miss Etta James for your great effort.  Your music is everywhere now that you are not.

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