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I Can’t Believe They Still Make This Stuff

July 7, 2011

pink popcorn

I am having such a good time discovering all kinds of packaging to draw while here in California.  Graham had never seen this stuff before.  “Is it good?”  He asked.  “You have it once.  When you’re about eight,” I said, “but then you discover that it’s just what it is: a brick of sugared popcorn.”  I guess that’s what still keeps this product alive: generations of eight year olds who are dazzled by the pink promise.

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  1. marlakay permalink
    July 14, 2011 9:29 pm

    Summer! Now that’s funny! Got a kick out of your drawing too. I am in the process of reading and enjoying your book, “The Artist in the Office”, and decided to check out your website. I could NOT resist reading your blog. . . so here I am.

    Now then. With all the hubbubb about healthy eating and sugar and dental care and food dyes, you would’ve thought pink popcorn would have been blasted a LONG time ago. Jeeze-o-PEETS we Americans can be a two-faced crowd.

    Remember candy necklaces (sticky STICKY sticky neck)? Or how about those little bitty candy dots we gnawed off the long paper strips they came on? Oh yeah! And one of my admittedly dumb favorites were the little wax bottles of nasty-sweet warm liquid? Again gnawing: ‘couldn’t wait to bite the tops off & squeeze the little bottles flat. And candy CIGARETTES?! What a truly great idea those were.

    As budding young adults in 1973, (high school) we found ZOTS…the high mecca of hard candy with some kind of concoction inside that burst into a foaming fit when it hit saliva. And I mean it wasn’t just a little bit o’ fizz. Those things had the power to delight us and embarrass the unsuspecting. I actually found some in an antique mall not long ago. . . yes, they were fresh. The proprietress saw them in a local little drug store and TRACKED DOWN the candy wholesaler from which they came . . . she HAD to offer them in her store. HAD to. I must admit I was flabberghasted to see them again.

    What could POSSIBLY be my point? ALL of these wonders are still available. Even the little ciggies in their little ciggy boxes.. They are true misfits for this day and age, but then again, anything goes – then comes around again.

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