All The Parts

Well, what can I say, but T H A N K  Y O U?

Thank you for welcoming my honesty and responding in kind.

Thank you for your e-mails, your comments, your Facebook notes, your tweets, your retweets, your fists in the air.

Thank you for your book stories.

Thank your for your support and thank you for your witnessing.

Thank you for your book purchases!!!

Thank you for getting all my jokes and handing me a tissue when it really isn’t funny.

Thank you for riding with me on this trip.

Thank you for being here–and I mean, BEING HERE.

I spent a lot of time on Friday pacing my kitchen, wondering if I had at last GONE TOO FAR, and been too honest.  I was so scared to post that blog entry, but also knew that I had never read this from anyone else and really wished I did.  It was one of those moments where I knew that this was my job to show up, to talk about what was real, even about something that LOOKS SO GOOD on the outside, but was in fact sticky and hard.  Then all of you showed up with virtual casseroles and warm blankets, and it was such a relief!  I had such an overwhelming feeling of OH THANK GOD.  I went out on a limb and as it turns out was not alone.

So much of what I PERCEIVE in the blogging world is this overt expression of perfection and yet dang it, if we don’t know how personally all of our lives are not as clean as that?  NOBODY’S is. There is no photoshop for REAL life!  Sometimes, don’t you wish there was?  I DO!  I can write all the blog entries I want, it still won’t control the outcome of the next day or the next.  It would have been nice to publish two books and dance off into the sunset, but sometimes one story just leads to another.  It’s endless until it’s not.  Thank you for hearing and supporting me through all the parts of my stories.

Much love and gratitude,