It’s Business Time

Aren’t they pretty?  Business cards from  This is something I have literally meant to do for FIVE years.  I love that each one is an illustration.  The picture does not do them justice–the colors look so strong and beautiful!

Last week Rachael from the Veriegated Life wrote me to ask about the nature of my list (hi Rachael!).  She wanted to know how I was able to put things like “go to the breast doctor” next to things more evidently pleasurable like going to the Oyster Bar.  The question was a good one and made me realize that the list was all about HAPPINESS.  I’ve written before about the difference between happiness and pleasure and how I can often confuse the two.  One of the things that makes me very happy is staying current and acting on my ideas.   Going to the doctor keeps me current on my health, and while not always pleasurable, it helps me feel sane and secure, which leads me to a general sense of well-being (aka happiness).  Something like going to the Oyster Bar may seem just pleasurable, but like I mentioned in the post about going to the Oyster Bar, it also grounds me in the NOW and reminds me of why I like being where I am–which again leads to…HAPPINESS.

By the way, I did go to the boob doctor (#5).  Some of you might recall that I discovered a lump in my breast a few years ago. It wasn’t cancer, but it was something that I was required to monitor and visit the doctor every six months about.  I hadn’t been since before I got pregnant.  I am happy to report that the lump is GONE and my doctor was so pleased that he said some magical words: “See you when you’re 40.”  Not for another TEN YEARS 18 months!  Woohoo!  Okay, maybe THAT part was pleasurable.

Anybody else working at your lists?  How is it going? I WANT TO KNOW!


6 thoughts on “It’s Business Time

  1. Love the cards — and can’t wait to get one (maybe when I order a print????) Can’t wait for those prints!

    And if I haven’t said so recently. LOVE the website layout. I’m so used to reading the posts in my reader — much more fun “live” online!

  2. Hi, Summer!

    First, I’m glad to hear the lump is gone. Yay for getting current there, and with good news, too!

    Second, I’ve been inspired to add things I *want want* to do to the list I already have, of things I *want* to do in order unburden myself, get current, whatever. There’s an energy to having the *want want* things written down that I want to tap into. But not yet: right now I’m suffering a bit from the too-muchness of everything, so I don’t want to add to the list. Meet my deadlines this month, then transform my to-do list as a birthday gift to myself. (My birthday’s in May.)

  3. Thanks to you posting your list, I started my own list-although it is not posted for the world to see-(yet)! I am proud to say that I have crossed off one item-it’s a start, right?

  4. Great cards! And I love the totes. If I can figure how to shop, I’m buying some. I love all the creativity that comes from you. Enjoy being alive!!!

  5. 1st – I love that you reference ‘Flight of the Conchords.’
    2nd – I love that you have business cards now.
    2b – I love that they are groovy/illustrated.
    3rd – I love that you have no boob lump no mo.
    4th – I love how you talk about how “staying current and acting on my ideas” can = happiness.
    4b – I love how you distinguish between happiness and pleasure.
    5th – I love lists.
    5b – duh.

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