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Pet Pictures

February 8, 2011

Mama Kitty & Kingsley

(#57 on my 100 things I want to do in 2011)

Mama Kitty isn’t doing so well these days.  After a wonderful 6 weeks on steroids that made us all forget that she was terminal, her health is rapidly diminishing.  It seems that she is right on schedule for departure.  I put on my list that I wanted to draw a portrait of the two cats before she died, but I have to tell you that when faced with it, I didn’t really want to do it.  I know that later, after she is gone, I would REALLY not want to do it, so I forced myself to get it done.  It isn’t that great and doesn’t really capture them, (plus they look like their hot tubbing) but years from now, perhaps even when Kings is gone, I’ll be glad that I did it.

What I find sort of puzzling and weird about pet photos is that they capture NOTHING of the spirit of the animal and don’t really mean anything to anyone but the owner’s themselves.  I think this is especially true for cats.  I love cats, but whenever a CAT PERSON (in all caps) shows me pictures of their cats, I see NOTHING, but a generic cat.  Less so with dogs, who seem more expressive in their faces. I can’t say much about birds or fishes.  I never tried to take any photos of my gold fishes.

In any case, I would like to explain that you can’t tell in this picture what a DIFFICULT personality Mama Kitty is.  You also can’t see how weirdly loving she is either and how, in her own way, dynamic.  I can know it and that’s all that matters anyway.  Some things you can’t keep with you to look at.  You just have to keep it with you to feel.

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