Getting Creative With Penguin

I am STOPPING IN BRIEFLY to say that while I was out Penguin posted a spot I did for them on Artist in the Office.  I want you to know some things before you watch it:

I went to their offices months ago to film this when I needed a sweater AND a jacket and if you are in a HEAT WAVE currently like so many of us, I hope watching it doesn’t send you into a HEAT STROKE.

I had to make up ALL my own script, so if it seems HAMMY and a LITTLE MUCH, well, you’ve been WARNED.

It was shot entirely on location in Penguin’s offices (which smells deliciously of paperbacks).  Incidentally, the picture above was taken during the shoot by the fellow artist in the office and editor, Maria Glagiano.  I am sitting in my other editor’s office, with her Halloween costume hanging on the left side of her desk, made by some OTHER author she edits.  Maybe you’ve heard of her?  Does the name KERI SMITH mean anything to you?  Huh? DOES IT?

That’s what I thought.