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Technology Sabbatical Here I Come!

June 14, 2010

For some time now I have been in need of detachment and cleaning shop as a way to figure out What Is Next.  One of the ways I have done this in the past is to go for a week of reading deprivation.   During such a cleanse, I made The Artist in the Office zine in a bolt of inspiration, so I really believe in this as a powerful tool.  In addition to just being a reader of books and blogs and magazines and sign posts and what have you, I use e-mail and the internet as a way to do basic communication and logistics.  These things require reading, so a kind of cleanse requires planning.  I have also been wanting to go a step further from the reading and see what it would be like to partake in what is now being called The Slow Movement–which means not only no internet and e-mail, but doing away with some of the more immediate technology that we have all become so accustomed to.  I have been thinking of what it would be like to turning back the technological clock to 1995, which means not using a lot of the things like a digital camera and my cellphone.  I have been thinking that this might be a very good way to CLEAN HOUSE or to do a CLEARING (for those Mondo Beyondo people out there).

So I am going away for a WHOLE MONTH.  I am calling it a Technology Sabbatical.  I had planned to do this back in the spring, but these things take serious planning!  I had editors to communicate with and orders to fill and a book tour to negotiate and everything else.  It’s amazing how many logistical things hinge completely on the Internet.  I think this sabbatical is going to be VERY interesting just for that alone.

Part of that planning was not to leave my little blog page empty handed.  Gotta keep the the wheel ROLLING while I am gone, RIGHT?  There will be PLENTY of material here for the next month, so I hope you will stop by to check in. Tomorrow, for instance, I will be letting you in on one of the ways inwhich I GET BY and lending it all out to you for your use.  I hope you will dig.

See you soon.

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