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Picture This

August 31, 2009

For some reason Blogger won’t let me upload photos. It keeps pretending to and then nothing happens. So you’ll have to USE THE POWER OF YOUR IMAGINATIONS to picture this:

Delicious Eggs Benedict with avocado I had for breakfast on my birthday and the photo booth strips that Graham and I did afterwords. I was actually still not feeling good (stupid cold) so we did about HALF of what I had planned for the day. I ended up going to breakfast, seeing a movie at 10:30am, and then heading home for a nap, before finishing the evening with Ethiopian food with my friends Michael and Ben.


An incredible picnic evening I had on Thursday as part of my ongoing birthday celebration. The heat broke finally in New York, and on Thursday night Graham and I ventured with our friends Jenna and Rachel to Prospect Park for a picnic supper. It was one of those glorious evenings where you could SMELL the fall in the air. I sat on the grass an INHALED it deeply. Then when it got dark, we lit candles on a birthday cake, and I got sung to. I love candles and cake and outside and friends singing. Oh yes I do.


The pink carnations blooming on my kitchen table. I have never been a carnation gal, but I have suddenly become VERY enamored with pink carnations. I have some buds about to BURST in a jug on my kitchen table. They are the color of birthday cake icing, the color of soft spring, the color of clouds at the end of a children’s book.

Thank you for my birthday wishes and for the compliments on my 25.5 week gut. The boy keeps growing and incredibly so do I.

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