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The Color of Toothpaste

August 21, 2006

When I got this word today, I felt stumped. Then I made a list and came up with a memory I had all but forgotten. I actually STILL love the color of mouthwash and Aim toothpaste, and for that matter, one of the stripes of Aquafresh!

I was telling Graham this morning of my new word and he said, “When I think of toothpaste now, I think of terrorists.” I said excitedly, “SEE! Without even trying, you have conjured up AN IMAGE!!!”

I went into work today, a little happier. I’m LOVING the daily practice of doing these flyers. Listen folks, I’ve said it here a million times, you’ve heard it elsewhere from every creative guru, blogger, zen master, but it REALLY HELPS having a daily practice! It don’t matter what it is–it could be 20 minutes of knitting, reading a book, talking a walk, I think doing something, the same thing, every day really helps! It helos me live consciously and it makes my mind click on and HUM. I had forgotten this, by getting out of the practice and staying out of the practice. I’m out of shape, but the minute I created something this morning I felt a pulse on the body of my life once more. PHEW!

Of course, my mind is already asking: What are you going to do with this? This HAS to be SOMETHING. To which I say, there there little EGO, this is already something. A something that keeps me in line, wakes me up, and is reminding me: I like to do stuff! I had forgotten.

I can’t wait to see what happens next!

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