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Instructions on IMAGES and today’s word: PLAYGROUND

August 17, 2006


For those of you who are interested in the “images” process (hi Amanda!)–here’s a VERY basic run down.

1. To make it simple, you can use the images (a.k.a words) that I use here. Using the example of “playground,” in 3 minutes write down a list of 10 playgrounds of your life. At the end of the 3 minutes, pick one that has a certain “buzz” to it. If you don’t feel a buzz, just pick #4.

2. Turn to a new sheet of paper and draw an X across the ENTIRE PAGE. Then write at the top of the page, the title of your playground. Ask yourself and write down the answers to teh following questions:

Where am I? What is to my right? What is to my left? What is above me? What is below me? Is someone with me or is someone coming or have they just left? What time of day is it? What tells me that? What time of year is it? What tells me that?

3.Turn to a new page and beginning with the words “I am” start writing for 5 minutes.

I have a selection of nouns that I created on a pile of index cards. I also have a selection created for me from a fellow classmate, who I traded with. That’s where today’s “playground” came from. The nouns were collected from a week of doing the following:

Everyday, in 3 minutes, write down a list of 10 memories you have from the previous day. Lynda Barry explained that your memory is very selective. Often when we go on vacation, we don’t have memories like snapshots of the more important monuments we might have gone to see. If we’ve gone to Paris, we might not remember the Eiffel tower, but instead a wrapper of gum in the street, or the black beret of a man we saw walking. For a week, make a “list journal” of your days, and DON’T LOOK at them until the week has passed, then go ahead and find EVERY NOUN (including names) and write a list of them. Those are your images.

THE DISCLAIMER: I am doing things VERY DIFFERENTLY here, by limiting myself to one page and creating a drawing from it. I’ve also chosen to go without the “I am…” part–BUT the process of pulling a word and making a list is VERY POWERFUL and FUN. I DO do this part and then I turn the page and let whatever image is waiting for me COME UP.

By the way, in case anyone is afraid I am stealing Lynda Barry’s THUNDER (which is totally impossible), she said we hoped that we would pass this on to others. It’s a cool way to LIVE. I get excited everytime I do it. I encourage others to try it!

  1. AngelNDisguise permalink
    August 18, 2006 1:17 pm

    I have printed out your directions and they are hanging on my cork board by my computer.Thanks Summer! You rock! 🙂-Amanda

  2. frida permalink
    August 24, 2006 3:47 pm

    This is the coolest site I’ve visited in a long time and I can’t wait to start using the Images process. My blog mate, georgia, discovered it and passed it on to me.

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