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Heather McAdams show in Chicago

July 6, 2015

heather show 1Folks, if you are anywhere NEAR Chicago, get ye to the Sulzer Library IMMEDIATELY and go see the Heather McAdams show there–and tell me about it!  Better yet, go to the opening THIS THURSDAY and meet her lovely self and get the whole Heather McAdams experience in art, film, and person!  This is what Oscar Arriola the curator had to say about Heather and the show:

She’ll be presenting one of her patented film jamborees with her husband [the musician] Chris Ligon, this coming Thursday, July 9th. The reception is at 6pm and the films begin at 7pm. Her comics and other artwork are on display on both floors of the Sulzer Regional Library, 4455 N. Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL through the end of July, 2015. The event is free.

More info can be found here.

Seriously, please go and tell her hi from  me!

New comic on The Rumpus: If You Want to Write

July 2, 2015

Summer Pierre If You Want to Write thumb

I have a BRAND NEW comic about wanting to be a writer in THE RUMPUS!  I used a RULER!  Go see it now!


How I Came to Comics

June 22, 2015

how i came to comics Ahow i came to comics 2


A New View

June 15, 2015

A New View

Kiss (Extended)

June 1, 2015

kiss extended thumb

This week’s comic is up on Medium! It’s about Prince, mixed tapes, and the music that holds our memories! Go check it out!

Things I Think Every Day

May 19, 2015

things i think every dayShaking it up a little today.  Channeling Ivan Brunetti.

Graphic Lives Show at The New City Galerie

May 13, 2015

Graphic Lives-AlexGraphic Lives-Glynnis

Graphic Lives-Jennifer

Graphic Lives-Summer

I am proud to announce that I have several pieces in a gallery show on autobiographical comics & visual narratives at The New City Galerie in Burlington, Vermont opening June 5th!  I have one page stories and book portraits on display along side the works of Alex Costantino, Glynnis Fawkes, and Jennifer Hayden.  All this and I made the POSTER!  Woohoo!

Sadly, I will not be at the opening as I will be in California celebrating the dual birthdays of my brother and sister on June 5th–but if you are in the area, please go see it for me will you?


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