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Writing & Drawing Comics

October 1, 2015

students drawing

Here’s some sketches I did of some students I worked with last fall making an EPIC comic frame by frame.  They worked SO hard and made such GREAT things.   I genuinely miss everyone in that class and LOVED seeing what their brains came up with.

You TOO can work hard and make great comics!

For those who are local to the Hudson Valley, I am once again teaching my Writing and Drawing Comics Class at the Garrison Art Center.  Four Saturdays starting on October 31st.  It’s open to everyone ages 9 and up–space is limited so GET IT WHILE YOU CAN!

In this class we cover the basics of making comics–writing pictures and drawing words.  No experience or “talent” is necessary, just a willingness to try new things.  It’s fun! Come on down!

Library Books!

September 25, 2015


Here is one of my wonderful local librarians (hi Paula!) reading Keiler Roberts‘ fantastic book Miseryland.  I donated Miseryland to my library, along with several other books over the last few years.  Like many people, my life was greatly helped and emboldened by the library system as a kid and is still an important part of my life and sanity today.  Thanks libraries!

If you are interested in helping grow your local library’s collection, libraries usually have guidelines for donations (no used books for example), so check before you bring over a big box of all your highlighted Jane Austen novels from college.  Libraries also sometimes have Amazon wishlists–so check for that too!

BONUS! If you are an author (or a friend or family member of an author), please consider donating your books!  You can support it ALL at the library!

Like, OMG! SPX! For Real!

September 22, 2015

Like OMG! SPX! For Real!

See you at SPX ?

September 16, 2015

IMG_4613I’m going to be at SPX this weekend.  Not tabling, but “floating” as they call it–handing out these babies that I just threw together for the occasion.  There’s a 5 page comic in it that nobody has seen yet!  I am excited to go be with my people.  Hope to SEE YOU!

Signs of Early Fall

September 14, 2015

Signs of Early Fall

64 Crayons

September 8, 2015

64 CrayonsA whole box of memories brought on from playing with Crayola Crayons:   memory palette

“When everything reminded me of something/ else, I knew it was time to write.”

September 4, 2015

cover 2Friends I am happy to announce that a book I illustrated and did the cover for last year has finally been released into the world:

What They Will Become: Poems by Marita Hastings

As some of you may know, I am a BIG poetry lover and so was excited when the Australian poet Marita Hastings asked if I would be willing to collaborate on a book of her poems.  HECK YES.

When I read the first line of her manifesto poem “Word Pianist”, I knew this was going to be a good fit:

When everything reminded me of something

else, I knew it was time to write.

These ten poems are filled with visitors: words, animals, lovers, and time.  It was a pleasure to read and a pleasure to draw.  Go get your copy now.


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