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Comics Workshop in New City Tomorrow!

April 22, 2015


Hi gang-

in case you are anywhere near New City, NY tomorrow night, I will be teaching an Introduction to Making Comics Workshop at The New City Library at 7:00pm!  No experience or artistic “skills” necessary–just a willingness to try. We will have fun!  Adults and teens only.  It’s free, but registration is required.  More information here.

Make Way for the Cartoonists

April 20, 2015

May Way For The Cartoonists

Just in case, here’s the B. Kliban cartoon a little larger:

Oh my golly, MoCCA Fest was fun and exhausting.  There were so many people and so many things to see.  It was my first time tabling and I learned almost immediately that due to the sheer amount of stuff to look at, if some stranger stops and REALLY LOOKS at your work it is because they are either 1) randomly curious 2) somebody told them to.  By Sunday I was literally in front of the table yelling things to get people’s attention.  Sometimes it worked!  It helped that my table mates were my audience–I mainly did things to crack them up.  This was easy.  By Sunday we were all punchy as hell from sheer exhaustion.

Some of you stopped by and I *loved* meeting you!  THANK YOU for coming by!  DOUBLE thanks for buying my wares.  You helped me make my table fee back!

Mainly, the weekend just felt like a delicious cartoonist smorgasbord. I met amazing people, completely nerded out on cartoon and comics stuff (who else who reference a B. Kliban comic??), and felt overwhelmed with gratitude that I have at last (in this funny late stage) discovered my community.  I have always wanted to find you, comics people.  You are a funny, nerdy, lumpy group and it is an honor and a privilege to be among you!

Paper Pencil Life # 3 is HERE!

April 13, 2015

PPL 3 Cover Image

Hey all! I am *THRILLED* to announce that my latest comic collection Paper Pencil Life #3 IS IN THE SHOP!  Woohoo!  48 pages of autobiographical comics and diary comics by yours truly!

Comics about childhood! Parenting! Fear! Snow! Mornings! Love! Casey Kasem!  Many never before seen anywhere!  All collected and lovingly put together for your enjoyment.

AND check this out:

The first 10 to order will get a special surprise bonus book!  So what are you waiting for?  Go get it!


See you at MoCCA Fest – Table 331

April 7, 2015


You know where I am going to be this weekend?  At MoCCA Fest in good ol’ New York City!  Won’t you come on by and see me?  I’ll be tabling at TABLE 331 with Glynnis Fawkes, Jennifer Hayden, and Ellen Lindner.  Paper Pencil Life #3 (pictured above) will be making its debut there along with some smaller goodies (and in the shop next week).

Here’s all the info:

What: MoCCA Fest

Saturday, April 11-12
11:00AM – 6:00PM
Center 548
548 West 22nd Street
New York, NY 10011
I will be at Table 331.

See you there I hope!


I Allow Myself Poetry

April 6, 2015

I allow myself poetry
I’ve said this before, but poetry is probably the largest influence on my comics.  What I feel and experience in reading my favorite poems is what I hope to express in comics.  The poet Dorothea Grossman is up there for me in terms of guiding this idea.  I so wish I had VOLUMES of her work instead of the slim selected poems that was published shortly after her death.  The poem that I mention in the comic is called “I Allow Myself” and you can find it here along with many others and a couple of podcasts that feature her work.  I also want to note that I misquoted her poem in the comic.  It should read: ” I allow/ myself the luxury of breakfast/ (I am no nun, for Christ’s sake.)”

I am a proud subscriber of Poetry Magazine and still an avid listener of the podcasts.  I *still* have a crush on Don Share and Christian Wiman (although Wiman has since moved on from the magazine and the podcast).  How can you not have a crush on two men who make their job editing and writing poems seem fresh month after month? How can you not have a crush on someone who continues to labor with such love?  I guess this is where poetry and comics meet so clearly–neither art form will most likely pay the bills, but they both go along way to keep on the lights.

Happy National Poetry Month!

Mr. Yeti from A-Z

March 30, 2015

Mr. Yeti From A to Z

Want a quick way to get inspired to make comics?  Get in a group and do a drawing jam.  Then pick a character that you didn’t draw and spend time drawing that character.  You’ll be surprised by the results!

Mr. Yeti comes from a drawing jam I participated in with a group of cartoonists I meet with once a month.  I love the kind of drawing that comes from drawing jams and how when you work from someone else’s character creation your brain wakes up and runs with it.  It is a great way to fly over the barricades your brain puts up when it imposes ideas of how things should go.  In other words, it lets you play and gets you drawing.  I *HIGHLY* recommend it.

This one goes out to my students at the Garrison Art Center.  On Saturday we worked on characters and learning who they are through moods and descriptions–and how that can make a comic in itself. They did great work.

Heather McAdams is Alive and Well

March 27, 2015

prop show766

Well gang, Heather Mcadams is alive and well and still making art in Chicago.  I already knew that, but I didn’t quite know WHAT she was doing and man alive she’s doing A LOT.

Two of you were kind to do more sleuthing on your own and found an e-mail address in an odd corner of the internet for Heather and sent it to me (thank you Robyn & Rebecca!).  I was nervous as heck to write her because it wasn’t like she was advertising her e-mail anywhere and I didn’t want to come off as a crazy stalker.  I hesitated for about a second and then thought the magic words *What*the*Hell* and e-mailed her.  My intention was to see if she was still making comics and if there was anyway I could HELP her get more visibility.  In these comics loving times, when her contemporaries are being celebrated for their groundbreaking work, it genuinely seems odd to me that her name is not thrown around more.

I am so happy to say she wrote me back and sent me some examples of her more current work–and gave me permission to show it off.   Read more…


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