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New Birthday Card at Papyrus

February 27, 2017


I am happy to announce that a birthday card I did for Bird & Quill is now ready for purchase at all participating Papyrus stores!

Longtime readers will recognize the cakes from a series I did awhile back that had a lovely, but now defunct life as a print. Now I am so excited to see these cakes have a second life as a birthday card in one of my favorite stationary stores.

Those cakes still kind of make me hungry.

Glimpses of Sketchbook #134

February 25, 2017

Uncle Tim

February 21, 2017


New Comic in the Highlands Current

February 17, 2017


Chip Rowe at The Highlands Current asked if I would go to the local winter carnival last weekend and do a “journalistic comic with observations.” I’ve never done anything like that before and it sounded fun so off I went with my notepad.  Most people I talked to were excited to hear I was from the paper, but seemed baffled/confused when I explained that the “article” was going to be a comic.  Sorry, peeps. Hope you see what I mean now!

It was fun to do and I worked like a crazy person to get it done in 2 days! Thanks Chip!

All In a Day

February 6, 2017


Ever wonder what my EXCITING LIFE looks like on a day to day level?  LOOK NO FURTHER!

24 Hour Comic Day was last Wednesday. I didn’t have time to draw it in real time so I took notes throughout the day and drew it up later.  The comic I was working on that day was for an anthology (coming in the fall!) and I was experimenting with this grid of 20 panels. I liked it so thought I’d try it for this too.

You Reading This, Be Ready

January 19, 2017


A poem I’ve been reading on repeat. A poem I will be referring back to. (thank you, Kim Cody for sending it to me)

8 Degrees Out

January 17, 2017

january-9-completeFirst comic of 2017! Woot!