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My World

November 30, 2016


In the dustbin of “Least Important News Items” comes this latest bulletin: I just finished this drawing for my “about” image for my web site. I’ve always loved drawings like this that illustrators and cartoonists do of themselves to somehow capture their world.  This was fun to make because I liked thinking of all the influences and interests that my comic work is made from which includes art and writing, but also memories and basic life stuff. I actually have that rug with the turned up corners in my studio. Gus isn’t usually so happy reading comics under my feet, but he does love some Calvin and Hobbes (as do I). Gye Smiley comics in the lower right hand corner was the comic book series I made as a kid. The portrait on the left is my grandfather. I drink lots of water out of that water bottle. The drawing taped to the lamp on the right is a picture Gus drew of me.

(You get the idea.)

It feels like an accurate depiction of how I do my work–balancing the needs of my home life with everything else. None of it is very organized and yet it somehow amounts to something.

Now back to more important things…



Start Here

November 29, 2016


This one goes out to Chris Duffy, Jen McCreery, Charlie Fetherolf, Deb Lucke, & Cheryl Baker–with thanks!


16 Hours

November 18, 2016


Twitter and Facebook aren’t helping me feel more motivated for the most part, but this article helped, as do times face to face with people, and doing my part to not just oppose what I think is wrong, but to support what I believe in.

Everybody okay out there? Hope so.

The Morning After

November 11, 2016


New Comic: Tending

November 8, 2016

tendingThis was supposed to go out yesterday, but that’s the nature of my life right now–never on schedule!

Since September I’ve been on a treadmill of shows, illustration, teaching, family visits, professional excitement, and home life (on repeat). None of it has been bad, but after a quiet summer of low work activity (what was I even doing??) the volume got turned UP LOUD. Last week was the first week in 2 months that I wasn’t utterly up against a wall of some sort and I had the predictable come down of anxiety and exhaustion. I’m finally getting my house in order  (both physically and emotionally) and feel the balance returning. I went back to running and meditation. I got back on the comics horse. I currently have 3 comics in the works–one of them quite a long one that I will be working on for the next few months.  This is all good news.

Now to just get through the election. I voted this morning. If you’re in the states, I hope you are voting too.

Here’s to tending to all the neglected parts!

Comics as Midlife Crisis

November 1, 2016

summer-pierre-slide-1 In September I did a PechaKucha talk in Beacon, where I tell the story of how I came back to comics after stopping for 20 years. For some reason the embedding of the video doesn’t work–so click through to watch it!  They titled it “A Return to Comics,” but my working title was “Comics as Midlife Crisis.” You can call it, what you like!

For those of you not familiar with the PechaKucha format (I wasn’t until I was asked to do it)–it’s a talk where you show 20 images, each for 20 seconds. The images advance automatically while you talk. It was one of the hardest things I’ve done–I had to time everything specifically and I practiced over and over again to get it right.  In the end, I stood up in front of a live audience and let it roll. Here are the results!

Going To Make Some New Memories at Table C109

October 26, 2016

early summerville

THIS WEEKEND! I will be tabling at MICE with my friends Chris Duffy and Deb Lucke at table c109.

Cambridge and Somerville are where I spent the majority of my 20’s and I have the regrets to prove it! I am excited and nervous to be there as it is an area that I love and am ready to  shake the old cobwebs from. If you are anywhere near it, please come and say hi!

Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo

Saturday, October 29 Sunday, October 30th

University Hall

1815 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA

*Free and open to the public!*