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If This Isn’t Nice

August 29, 2016


My birthday was on friday. For years I claimed I adored my birthday because I love cake and presents and attention, but the truth is, I’ve always hated my birthday.  It’s historically been a day spent in neurotic pain and anxiety worried about who would and wouldn’t remember it (namely my parents who had a very spotty record of acknowledging it), and often unable to be present and enjoying the day that was available. This year feeling the anxiety rev up once again as the day approached, I decided to admit this pattern to both myself and my husband. As a result I was able to feel more present and grateful for what was happening that day as it happened.

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People Who Look Like Drawings

August 22, 2016

people who look like drawingspeople who look like drawings p2

From Angelface to Puddn’

August 8, 2016

from angelface to puddn b from angelface to puddn 1 b

Become: On The Origin of Passion

July 28, 2016

New book I illustrated is out! photo by Nate Burgos

It is with great pleasure that I announce that a big illustration job I had last year has finally made its way into the world: Become: On the Origin of Passion, edited and compiled by Nate Burgos

Become Sample2

50 quotes of makers, scientists, actors, athletes, performers, you name it on the moment or the THING that made them become what they became.  Each one is accompanied by an illustration.

I had so much fun drawing the memories and moments that made everyone from Filmmaker David Lynch to Oceanographer Sylvia Earle become what they eventually became.  A great gift for graduates and other people in your life embarking on a new journey or endeavor.  A great book for anyone at a crossroads or just curious.

Go get your copy!

On The Town

July 26, 2016

July 22 2016

Hey! Look! It’s a comic! I am just starting back to work on these babies and it’s like I am hearing this song every time I get time to draw.

Comic Up On Upworthy!

July 14, 2016

September 16 thumb

HEY! The kind folks at Upworthy asked if they could use my migraine comic as a way to explain the experience of migraines.  They also interviewed me about my history with migraines. I KNEW that years of pain must have been good for something! (just kiddn’).  Check it out!

A Peek Into My Sketchbook

July 6, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 3.25.21 PM

So I guess I am on Instagram now. I have resisted joining for so long because frankly I didn’t need another platform to worry about my popularity on. I started to reconsider this stance when it became clear that nearly EVERY artist I love posts their goods there and I got sick of answering why I wasn’t on this BASIC platform. I started to feel like my parents who refused to get an answering machine until well into the 1990’s (actually I think someone bought it for them out of frustration, so they never really gave in). So in a moment of…weakness? boredom? resignation? I caved and have decided to use it as a way to primarily share sketchbook pages.

Sketchbooks are THE thing I am inspired to look at on Instagram–and actually have been among the things that are inspiring me the most in general lately. Some of my favorites are Martha Rich, Mark Todd, and Lauren Weinstein. I just love thinking about all those people drawing out there.

If you’re on there, give me a ring! Also, if you know any good sketchbooks on Instagram, let me know in the comments!


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