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My First In Depth Review

October 24, 2016

kiss extended thumb

Pierre isn’t talking at the reader nor keeping them at arm’s length; instead, one feels warmly welcomed, as though Pierre was a long-time friend who was catching us up on her life.

I woke up this morning to find that the very thoughtful and engaging comics critic Robert Clough wrote about Paper Pencil Life #4 and Souvenirs. He’s kind and he’s hard–which is appropriate and what one looks for in reviews and criticism.

The longer I do this, the more I see what an absolute gift it is that anyone at all spends time with your work and considers it.  Thanks Rob Clough for your time and your care!

Headed to Thurber Country

October 13, 2016

thurber country.jpegTomorrow I am flying to Columbus, Ohio to be part of the fantastic Cross Roads Columbus Festival weekend. If you are anywhere near Columbus you should come on over–not just for me, but for SO MANY AMAZING comics events and artists and heaps of independent comics. I’ll be tabling in the main market place at the Downtown Library–but even I will be late to tabling on Sunday because I just HAVE to be in the audience when Seth and Ben Katchor are scheduled to talk comics! If you’re coming to see me on Sunday–come in the afternoon!

I was supposed to table with my usual mates Glynnis Fawkes and Jennifer Hayden, but they couldn’t make it (boo hoo you two!). So my friend Chris Duffy, editor extraordinaire of not only Sponge Bob Comics, but many glorious comics anthologies, including the Fairy Tale Comics and Fable Comicsis coming to fill their half of the table and sell those wares.

I’ll also be checking in at Wild Goose Creative where my comic When the Family Got Together is part of the Comics Vs. Art show and is FOR SALE (hint hint!).

See you soon!


Some of My Favorite Toys

October 5, 2016


When the Family Got Together

September 28, 2016

family-reunionThis comic is based on the painting “Family Reunion” by Frederic Bazille and will be part of the exhibit Comics vs. Art!  at Wildgoose Creative in Columbus, Ohio starting October 8th as part of the CXC Festival. I’m psyched to go to CXC next month and to see this show of over 60 artists doing comics based on a particular work of art. If you are anywhere near it, please go see it!

All Things Small Press Expo

September 16, 2016

This morning I am head to SPX and it turns out I’ll be (partially) at table D4B selling copies of Paper Pencil Life #4 & Souvenirs, if you are going and want to drop by.

In other news, I was on the jury this year for the Ignatz awards that take place at SPX every year. I wrote a giant processy post about what it was like to read HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS (16 boxes worth, plus over 180 on-line comics) of submissions, but in the end just couldn’t press ‘publish.’ Needless to say, it was an education and also very humbling as a creator. There is SO MUCH quality in comics these days it’s literally staggering.

While the 2016 Ignatz nominations are in and they are great, they don’t cover nearly ALL the works that also deserved nominations. So I wanted to put together a list of stuff that I loved and that if you are going to SPX (or just shopping for new reads at home), you should absolutely check out. (Please Note: this is NOT my list of nominations, this is a list of just a SELECTION of things that stuck with me out of so much.) Read more…

Let’s Make Something Together

September 8, 2016


There are still a few slots available for my on-line comics class that starts ON MONDAY. This class is FANTASTIC for getting your juices flowing and making drawing a more present part of your daily life–plus you make comics!

Self-Paced, 5 weeks and totally convenient! You can take it from any location in the world–I come to YOU from the magic of the internet!

Meet me there! I’ll be so glad to see you!

Paper Pencil Life #4 is HERE!

September 6, 2016

PPL4 front Cover




Excuse me while I do a little dance! My latest collection of comics and diary comics, Paper Pencil Life #4, is at last available to purchase! 52 pages of comics in beautiful black and white! Stories about road trips, the artistic life, strange mothers, anxiety, and so much more! All for just $8.00!

I have to tell you that I am immensely proud of this work–I think it is my best issue yet. It has my favorite stories I’ve made in it–plus I just love how it looks!

Also–THIS JUST IN: I’ve also added a limited edition 4 pack of all 4 issues of Paper Pencil Life in my shop–4 issues for the price of 3! This way you can get the whole shebang and for a cheaper price!



I’m thinking about not reprinting Issue #1 after this conference season to make room for more stuff (although the jury is still out on this one). I’m growing away from those initial first attempts pretty quickly and it’s starting to embarrass me a little when people buy PPL #1 to get an introduction for what I do. It doesn’t feel current anymore! So if you’ve been considering buying one, this 4 pack might be a good way to go–get the complete set while it lasts!  


All of these will be available at CXC and MICE in October, but if you won’t be there or can’t wait–get ’em in the shop!