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Remembering My Mom on Independence Day

October 23, 2014

July 4

I am loving (LOVING) hearing from people who have enjoyed my comic books Paper Pencil Life.  It fills my spirit, people and rallies me to keep going.  One comic that keeps getting noted as a favorite is this one, which is in Paper Pencil Life #1.  It touches me that people like it so much.  The moment really was exactly like that and grief really is like that too–a surprise firework show of blue light in the backyard of your heart when you least expect it.

From my backyard to yours–thanks to all of you for your support on my books.

How to Be a Guru

October 14, 2014

Guru2 guru&student


Last saturday in my comics class I had everybody participate in a Drawing Jam as a way to create some original characters.  It was a hoot!  Every student created 16 characters to work from.  Their homework was to create a “how to” comic based on one of the characters they made in class.  I made copies of all the character sheets and have been looking at them all weekend totally smitten and inspired by them all.  Finally, I couldn’t stand it anymore and last night did my own homework assignment using two of the characters made–The Guru and The Student.  The result was the comic up top.  The original characters are posted below.

Drawing Club at Quinn’s

October 14, 2014

Drawing Club At Quinn's

I don’t Know About a Ding, But How About a Wing

October 10, 2014
The comedic actress Jan Hooks died last night.  I don’t know why Hooks didn’t become larger than she did because her talent was enormous.  I feel lucky that I grew up in the era of Saturday Night Live that I did, watching Hooks every week with Phil Hartman, Nora Dunn, John Lovitz, Dana Carvey, etc.  I think it was one of the last seasons of real “theater” types–not just improv or stand-up people–but a generation that had grown up singing and dancing and acting.  The imagination and skill of those seasons is still unmatched.  I remember Chris Rock saying that they called Phil Hartman “The Glue” because any skit was pulled together when Phil Hartman was put into it.  I think the same could be said of Jan Hooks who could deliver some of the most solid characters out of sometimes very weak material.
Graham and I had watched Hooks steal the show on the few episodes of 30 Rock and, like many other people, Graham did not know who she was. So I took it upon myself to show him some of my favorite skits.  The Sweeney Sisters was one of them. Every monday morning of high school my best friend Meg and I would reenact all our favorite skits.  This skit of Jan Hooks and Nora Dunn doing the Sweeney sisters was/is an all-time favorite.  We reenacted this skit so many times that some of the lingo became imbedded in some of our every day talk.  I didn’t realize this until I showed this skit to Graham.  I hadn’t seen it in 25 years and not only was it as funny as I remembered it, but it was like seeing an old friend that I had not realized had made such a large impact on me.  I was in the kitchen doubled over laughing, but also crying because so much of it was still in how I talked to Meg and how I sometimes punctuated my own humor.
Jan Hooks, we hardly knew you.  Thank you for your great effort.

Featured in AOL Jobs Article

October 6, 2014

Photo on 3-20-14 at 1.47 PM

I am psyched that I am among the “6 Creatives Who Prove That You Can Hold Down a Day Job and Still Make Awesome Art” article featured today on AOL Jobs!  I am among some INCREDIBLE art makers.  Go check it out!

On Running (Badly)

September 30, 2014

On Running P1 of 2
On Running P2 of 2

The above comic is 100% true and is about more than just running (of course). I realized after I had forced myself to finish it that it’s about my whole process of the last year–the FUCK IT process, the JUST GET IT DONE process. As someone who gets hung up on questions of worth and value, this process has served me extremely well.

Right now it’s time for me to admit that after more than a year and a half of crazy output, I’m in a half-baked phase of comics. I have about 5 unfinished 3 page comics and a slew of others that are nipping at my heels. My daily diary comics are getting harder to do. The truth is I am harder on them. It’s a familiar phase and it had to happen right? The honeymoon easy period of doing them has momentarily left the building. I think I might be in a new phase of comics needing more time and attention. I want to get better and do more detailed work. The output and my impatience at answering every call and idea is affecting the quality (at least in my eyes). This of course could be another bullshit story my lovely ego has whipped up to delay action, but I am craving some time to finish work and send it out.  So for the next little stretch, maybe I’ll post something once a week and maybe I won’t.  Of course now would be a good time to also remind myself that everything I do here is made up of rules that I make up. No one tells me to stick with them but myself. So I am going to break some rules I’ve made up.  I am going to take a lesson from my running “practice” and say it’s okay to go slow.  The point is to show up and do it.  So that’s what I’m going to do.


All of the Balloons

September 22, 2014

all of the balloons


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