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9 Moments (out of 1000) at SPX

September 15, 2014

9 moments (out of 1000) at SPX

Okay, I lied! Here’s a comic about this weekend. I realized at several moments while at SPX that I was face to face with the real world of human cartoonists. I have been living virtually among them for a very short time, but I have been admiring and engaging with that IMAGINED world my whole life. Needless to say it was a great experience and a tiring one–one that I will be chewing on for some time.

I will say this: there are SO MANY talented cartoonists out there doing wonderful work. I cannot list them all here (but hope to in the next few days), so I will list only my ROOMMATES who were funny and smart and shared not only space with me (the total stranger among them), but also made me feel welcome. Their work is beautiful and a joy to read. If you don’t know them, you should.

Glynnis Fawkes
Connie Sun
Ellen Lindner
Marguerite Dabaie

TED Speakers Make It Look Easy

September 11, 2014


Holy moley people, I did my first “Artist Talk” and man, it was hard and fun.  I am here to tell you that standing in front a group of people talking about yourself and your work for 45 minutes is not NEARLY as easy as they make it look at TED.  In fact, it’s sort of embarrassing.  My husband tells me that I knocked it out of the park.  I asked him about 100 times after if he was saying that just because he’s legally obligated by marriage to say so, and he assured me all 100 times that he wasn’t.  So I have to trust him on that.

I love that so many people turned out for it and that I got to be part of the Highland Falls Library, a place that has helped make this town home.  Thanks to all who came–weren’t the cookies GOOD??

Tomorrow I leave for SPX and I’m scrambling to get ready.  I’m bunking with 3 strangers and 1 near stranger (hi Glynnis!) like I am 20 something again.  SPX, I cannot WAIT for us to meet!

No comic next week, but regular scheduled programming will resume the following week.


September 10, 2014

HFL poster

I’m talking at the HIGHLAND FALLS LIBRARY TONIGHT.  Forgive me for shouting.  I am a little high strung.  Come on up and over.  I will be happy to see a friendly face!

California Slim

September 8, 2014

california slim

I have two comics collections at the printers and I keep finding comics I meant to put in them, like this one! DANG! Ah well. Maybe in another DELUX edition later on. This one feels like the very beginnings of something larger anyway…

Just a reminder to those who are near or near-ish: I am giving a talk on Wednesday at the Highland Falls Library. Cookies have been confirmed. Please come on by!

My Mailing List: a Memoir

September 5, 2014


For as long as I’ve been doing art “professionally” I’ve had a mailing list.  As a musician it was your Bible at shows.  If you didn’t have a mailing list binder or notebook open to a hopeful blank page with an accompanying pen at every gig, you were not only silly, but dumb.  In my musician days people would give you a snail mail address and MAYBE an e-mail address and it’s amazing to me now to remember how every month I made a postcard, took it to Kinko’s, bought postcard stamps, and mailed stuff out.  Even if it was just one gig that month, I did it.  I did it with the not-all-that-improbable hope that someone would receive my card stock postcard with the flaking toner and come to one of my shows.

Of course, times have changed.  With social media e-mail is the new snail mail and snail mail is now a RELIC (or as I like to think of it, A SPECIALTY).  I still have a mailing list of both snail and e.  I also have a blog subscription, a twitter feed, a tumblr, and a flickr account to get my NEWS and WORK out into the ether world.  My current mailing list is 10-15 years old and a frankenstein monster of all the artistic lives I’ve lived so far and is so warped with time and practice that I worry I’m pissing people off every time I send out an e-mailer.  It comprises of people who have signed up over the years, people who have bought my wares and work, requested work, family, friends, fellow artists, and so on.  A couple of years ago through an unfortunate and (too boring to recount) accident my mailing list sucked up ALL my contacts and I realized too late that a mailer had gone to every one I’d ever received an e-mail from.  My osteopath wrote to express his gratitude for keeping him abreast of my work and promptly signed me up for HIS mailing list.  I got a number of bounce back returns from some of the most random e-mail addresses, but my hair almost TURNED WHITE when I saw OUT OF OFFICE responses from old bosses, colleagues, and an ex-boyfriend.  I tried to manually delete as many of these addresses as I could, but I still occasionally get the angry PLEASE DELETE ME FROM THIS LIST e-mail–and it’s all I can do not to write them again and AGAIN and apologize profusely for committing the ultimate SPAM crime: spamming without permission.

Fortunately, I don’t send e-mails to my mailing list that often anymore–maybe at most twice a year.  I use it as a way to express What’s New and Important.  I don’t think of them as Spam and try not to write them as such, but who am I kidding?  It’s hard to sound personal to many e-mail addressees, no matter how personal it is to YOU.   The truth is it does help get the word out, and remind people (that want to know and don’t check other means regularly) that I exist and am still at large.  Admittedly, most of these want-to-know folks are relatives and old friends. My uncle Mark, who I adore, but don’t see often, will respond with an update about his family.  One of my oldest and dearest friends who rarely has time to call, has been known to call me after receiving such e-mails.  These are welcome reliefs among the UNSUBSCRIBE, which happens at every mailing.  Those affect me more than I like to admit.  The rejection is delivered as direct and personally as people get these days.  When e-mail arrived, the letter got killed, but so did the phone call.  Now thanks to texting and social media, the phone call is extinct, and e-mail is the new phone call.  The UNSUBSCRIBE is calling and telling me: STOP CALLING ME.

I sent an e-mail to my mailing list this week that was full to the brim with information: teaching, talking, and publications.  Things are good for me right now, but it felt terrible telling people about it.  I’m just too self conscious about e-mailing people about my stuff. Thanks to the trauma of the e-mail contact debacle mentioned above, each mailing is an act of holding my breath and pushing send, hoping against hope that I won’t piss someone off and/or embarrass the hell out of myself.

So I’ve made the decision that the e-mail list must go.

I’ve decided to do one last e-mailing as I have 2 comic collections coming out at the end of the month and I really want as many people as possible to know about them, but I plan to add that this will be the last e-mail of this nature they will receive from me.  If they want to “keep up” they can subscribe to the blog, twitter, etc.  They can also send me their snail mail address.  Yep, I’m going back to the postcard.  In these instant times, I find that the handmade and tangible is special and the most welcome.  Plus, it gives ME the feeling of being directly connected with those out there in the world who might care.  The worst I will receive back is RETURN TO SENDER.  You know what? I can handle that.

Interview at Design Feaster

August 21, 2014



Man, has this been the WEEK!  I have an interview up at the very fine Deign Feaster Blog.  I discuss comics, illustration, and mortality!  Also: vintage packaging!

The Nashville Review

August 21, 2014

New Comic up at The Nashville Review

Dang! BUSY WEEK!  I have a new comic up at The Nashville Review. This was a big one for me.  I LOVE their comic choices.  I follow the footsteps of Jeffrey Brown, Lisa Brown, and Keiler Roberts.  Good company.


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